Not an uplifting read, but probably one every Australian should.

How Trumpism changed Australia and the shocking consequences for us of a second term.

‘A timely warning and a potential survival guide’ –John Barron, co-host ofPlanet America

‘A forensic analysis of how President Donald Trump invaded Australia’s politics and prospects’ –Laura Tingle, ABC TV

‘A must read for anyone who cares about Australian democracy’ –Zoe Daniel, Independent MP for Goldstein

‘This is a book you should read’ – Natalie Barr, co-host of Sunrise

Trump (or a Trumpist) could well win the 2024 US presidential election, and if he does, American democracy as we have known it will probably come to an end. Australia’s best-informed commentator on US politics sends a chilling warning about the implications for Australia.

What if Trump (or a Trump-like candidate) becomes US president in 2024?

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Leading expert and US and Australian politics insider Bruce Wolpe reveals the many ways in which Australia was damaged by Donald Trump’s presidency. Seeping into Australia from above and below, Trumpism contaminated public debate, emboldened local political and religious extremists, diminished Australia’s economy and international relations—and much more. 

Wolpe predicts America’s democracy won’t survive a second Trump term. The implications for the world and for Australia are shocking. He explains how Australia can draw on its strengths to protect its democracy, economy and society from Trumpism, and where Australia is vulnerable and needs to build guardrails. He warns Australia might also face an existential question about ties with its most important ally. 

‘True, timely and terrifying’ –Sean Kelly, author of The Game

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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