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The Lighthouse – The Mystery Of The Eilean Mor Lighthouse Keepers

On December 26 1900 a vessel arrived at Eilean More to bring supplies and a new relief of lighthouse men to the isolated isle. On arrival they found all three lighthouse keepers had completely disappeared and the lighthouse was left eerily quiet, even the clocks had stopped. (more…)
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The Snapshot Killer – Did Christopher Wilder commit the Wanda Beach Murders?

I had never heard of Chris Wilder ‘‘The Snapshot Killer’. A man who terrorised young girls in Australia in the ’70s is still a suspect in one of Sydney’s most horrific double murders, The Wanda Beach Murders of 1965 and who fled to the USA to continue his sadistic, murderous…
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All The Ghosts In The Machine – What Happens To Our Digital Profiles When We Die?

What happens in the digital afterlife? Why do we memorialise Facebook accounts? How does Facebook know someone has passed? Do you centralise all your logins and passwords? Would you want your social media accounts accessed after you passed? What if trolls were targeting a loved one's page who passed? Or,…
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