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Book Blast!

Book Blast – Unchecked Capitalism!

By author Earl Rynerson Unchecked. Capitalism shows how major corporations and their army of lobbyists have gradually taken over our governmental institutions, to the point where our elected officials do the bidding of corporations and the wealthy rather than us, the book is broken down by Industry (Banking, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, the Auto Industry,…
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RADICAL UNCERTAINTY – Decision-making for an unknowable future

Another fabulous guest post on Radical Uncertainty by Mr B! The first four notes of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony are amongst the most famous in classical music. Ominous. Grim. Threatening. But then the mood lightens. Things start looking up. Before doom seemingly strikes again. The experience of the coronavirus pandemic across…
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New Releases and Bookworm News

History Adventures – A new way to learn history for free!

Watch out people, there is a new kid on the block and it’s revolutionising the way you learn history: introducing History Adventures! History Adventures is a series of next-generation digital books developed by Dr. Spencer Striker. Blending the latest innovations in mobile entertainment design and technology – including animation, music,…
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