ready player one review

In the year 2045, people can escape their harsh reality in the OASIS, an immersive virtual world where you can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone-the only limits are your own imagination. OASIS creator James Halliday left his immense fortune and control of the Oasis to the winner of a contest designed to find a worthy heir. When unlikely hero Wade Watts conquers the first challenge of the reality-bending treasure hunt, he and his friends-known as the High Five-are hurled into a fantastical universe of discovery and danger to save the OASIS and their world.


Duffy’s review of Ready Player One

Ready Player one is based on the 2011 novel of the same name by Ernest Cline which became a cult hit in its own right. I have to confess, I haven’t got around to reading the book and when I got the opportunity to go to the Sydney premiere, I knew little more than it was a Spielberg movie and had 80’s pop culture references. When I left two hours later I wanted to do a Breakfast Club “yeah!” air punch!

The film gets going pretty early on, so you are locked in for the 140minute ride. The action scenes are BIG and you’ll enjoy spotting all the 80’s references. Ready Player One made me feel the way I did watching the Spielberg blockbusters of the 1980’s. The adrenaline filled action scenes, wonderful special effects, uplifting moments, baddies you love to hate and a soundtrack that stays with you, are all to be found here. The main characters Parcival/Wade(Tye Sheridan) and Art3mis/Samantha (Olivia Cooke) do a pretty great job and IR0k (T.J. Miller), who is a character slightly different to that in the book, was a particular favourite of mine and brought some of the biggest laughs.

Ready Player One has enough fun references to keep the olds engaged, whilst the big gamer scenes will keep the PG-13 crew in their seats. The plot is light, so don’t expect anything too heavy there, but do expect a fun movie which brings the best of 80’s Spielberg to 2018. The critics are mostly positive too, which is a good sign for this becoming a box office smash.

5 Stars from me. Couldn’t fault it.

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