book blogger review policy

Due to the dreaded coronavirus outbreak, my full-time job has me working longer hours which leaves me very little time to read. With that in mind and to balance my own stress levels, I am not taking any more books on for review until further notice, I hope you understand.

However, I still want to support wonderful books and talented authors so, if you are interested in providing an author guest post or book blast, read the below and contact me with your content. I’ll be sure to share across my blog and all social media platforms.

It has also come to light that my blog details have been placed on paid-for book blogger directories. I didn’t approve for my details to be used, or for others to make money off of my blog. If you found me via a paid-for service or download, I apologise and you may wish to feed this back to the directories in question. I have requested my details be removed.

Let’s hope I get more time to read soon!

Want Duffy To Review Your Book?

I receive multiple requests every week to read and review books. Please read the below book review policy before requesting your book to be read by me:-

  1. I read and review honestly and from my own perspective. Please do not ask me to score your book before I have even read it, or forcibly ask me to read your book. I get to choose which book is next on my bed stand.
  2. I’m a book nerd and love to read and write book reviews. I am a freelance writer, but I read and review on my own time and without payment.  Please bear this in mind when asking me to read your book.
  3. Take the time to follow my blog and find out what I’m about. I receive many requests for books in genres that I would never review on my blog and a few minutes finding out about me before I spend time in your book is fair, don’t you think?
  4. Let’s help each other! Be sure to follow Duffy on this blog or on Facebook, Twitter or Insta @Duffythewriter.  I encourage you to like, share and engage with my social media and followers to support my blog, particularly if I’m promoting your book. That way, you get to know my audience who are highly likely to be in the market for a new book to read and connect with other authors.
  5. Personalise your email to me and tell me a bit about yourself and why you’ve chosen my blog to promote your book. Any emails I see as spam, not addressing me by name or that you know about my blog will be deleted and not read.
  6. I love to hear about what inspires you as a writer and your writing process. I’ll happily do a Q&A with writers who want to share their story or work with authors who wish to post a guest blog, even if I don’t have time to read your book.
  7. On rare occasions, when I can’t finish a book, I won’t post a review. It damages my integrity to post a fake review on a book I haven’t read cover to cover.  I will, however, reach out with critique and tips on how the book could be improved.  Please note that self-published books with poor grammar and sketchy formatting make my eyes square and therefore won’t be read.
  8. Ask some questions! Feel free to reach out and ask me some questions about my book review policy and how to get the best out of your book blogger if you are new to the book promoting game!


(Any spam will be blocked immediately)

Happy writing!