Vladimir Putin Life Coach review

How To Make Friends & Influence Elections

Firstly, when I saw Vladimir Putin: Life Coach I thought. How brave! I mean, who dares to write a satirical self-help book about one of the worlds scariest men? Rob Sears seems to like living dangerously as not only is he the author of this comical and clever little hardback book, he also wrote The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump.

From The Kremlin To Your Cubicle

Vladimir Putin: Life Coach is chock full of practical tips and tricks to unleash your inner mini-dictator. If you think that the life of Putin can’t mirror your own and that there simply can’t be any synergies, think again! Alongside incredibly funny fine line cartoons you’ll find nuggets of wisdom such as ’12 Tactics Of Highly Ruthless People’ or ‘How To Master The Backhanded Compliment’ and my personal favourite ‘Hold A Power BBQ’

Be More Vlad

Silence your critics. if anyone says something hurtful about you, why not murder them with words instead? Incredibly sassy and lethal retorts you could try include: “There’s no need to repeat yourself, I ignored you just fine the first time”, “I liked you better before you spoke”, or “Keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll find a brain back there.” – Vladimir Putin: Life Coach

Not sure if you have the cajones to go full Putin? Don’t worry, Vladimir Putin: Life Coach starts off with a great Buzzfeed style quiz so you can see where you sit on the Vlad scale. From there, the book walks you through how you can apply Putin’s life skills to your own life. Whether it’s dealing with Sandra in accounts or mustering up a neighboorhood army, Putin is your comrade, showing you simple steps to success.

Who Should Buy Vladimir Putin: Life Coach?

Everyone who has a sense of humour should be buying this book! I got a few double takes and strange looks from work colleagues as it floated around my desk and those looks are worth the book price alone! It’s a compact hardback and the book cover really is something to behold.

Read it yourself, or wrap it up as a humourous stocking filler for the mini-Vlad in your life!

Published 1 November by Allen & Unwin

RRP $24.99 although 20% off at Booktopia

Vladimir Putin: Life Coach