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Yumi has worked as a cook before going into broadcasting, and Simon has edited literally hundreds of cookbooks in his career in food publishing. They met while working on one of Yumi’s cookbooks and discovered they share an insatiable desire to nail the never-ending task of feeding a family (between them, they have a LOT of kids). Inside their heads is an infinite Rolodex of recipes, plus endless hints and hacks for getting the most out of a meal without blowing a fuse. 

So, they decided to join forces and launched a podcast to solve the daily dilemma of what to cook for dinner.  Since its launch, the 5 Minute Food Fix has consistently been among the most downloaded food podcasts in the country, and has spawned a vast collection of fans who tune in religiously for dinner inspiration.

This book pulls together the best hits from the pod and some never-before-seen recipes, all of which have been tested – and re-tested – on the world’s most unforgiving critics, and cooked under the most trying circumstances, like, during life or whatever. 

Yumi and Simon are here to help with real-world dinner solutions for THE EXHAUSTED! Do you need some of these dilemmas solved?

  • you’re constantly being asked ‘What’s for dinner?’ and your answer is a despairing shrug
  • you’re exhausted by dinnertime and your repertoire of meals is nightmarishly repetitive
  • you love food and want to be a better cook but, within the bounds of reality
  • you want to save money, eat less takeaway and generally be a better human
  • you might not be nailing life but could possibly nail an easy and delicious dinner
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Yumi Stynes is a presenter, broadcaster and ABIA award-winning author who understands the gap between TV cooking and what real people are able to do at home. She’ll happily dine out for fancy food … but keep everything cooked at home simple and fuss-free. When she’s not working one of her several jobs (ABC’s killer podcast ‘Ladies We Need To Talk’, ‘Seen’ for SBS, broadcasting for I Heart Radio, hosting art talks and her numerous writing projects) she tends to her four children and her gorgeous friends, and celebrates life by cooking, eating and sharing delicious things. The Food Fix is her third cookbook and seventh book.

Simon Davis is a food editor, writer and publisher whose working life has revolved around food and words for more than 15 years. In that time he’s worked with some of the world’s best chefs and most celebrated food writers, but with three small children he’s also very, very used to hearing that dreaded question, ‘What’s for Dinner?’ Sometimes he even knows the answer.

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