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The Cubs Roar – The final book in the Plantagenet series

Eleanor of Aquitaine has disappeared. After launching a great rebellion to destroy her husband Henry II’s reign, it seems she has abandoned her sons in the struggle against their formidable father. As treachery radiates from Scotland to the Pyrenees, tension between the kings of France and England erupts into war.…
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Author Interviews

Letters From Berlin – Interview with Tania Blanchard

Briefly tell me about your new book! Letters from Berlin is inspired by the life of my grandmother’s cousin and follows the story of a ‘mixed marriage’ family, Jewish and German, during World War Two Germany and into the Soviet occupation.  Set in and around Berlin, Susie’s world is turned…
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Historical Fiction

The Lioness Wakes – The birth of the Plantagenets

The fourth book in the compelling Birth of the Plantagenets series follows the battle for dominance between Church and Crown. England, 1171. Thomas Becket is dead, beheaded at the altar of Canterbury Cathedral. As news of his assassination spreads across the country and into Europe, Henry’s reputation as a just…
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