Fearless Focus. A useful guide for anyone who is easily distracted by technology or suffering from information overload.

Do you spend hours on your device, only to look up and wonder where the time went? Do you have trouble focusing on your goals, or even your to-do list? Do you value your time and aren’t sure if you’re using it wisely?

If you do, you’ll want the most efficient solutions possible to maximize your focus and get your mind right. 
Fearless Focus cuts through the information overload and attention stealers to ask what exactly are you focused on? 
Enjoy this quick read that will shift your thinking and brighten your outlook.

Duffy’s Thoughts on Fearless Focus

If you follow me on social media, you will know that I am easily distracted, particularly when I’m on a deadline. The phone beeps and I instantly pick it up. I check my work emails and end up clicking on a flash sale and shopping for shoes. Someone swings by my desk whilst I’m working on a presentation and I stop to have a chat and then think ‘I’ll just check my emails’, and then never get back to my presentation for the rest of the day.

Fearless Focus: Compelling solutions to free your brain in the age of information overload is just the book for me.

I found it a quick read and really enjoyed the conversational and friendly prose. Within the pages, you will find tips on avoiding the instant pull of your smartphone and being present and more productive in your day-to-day. There are also practical tips to start your day in a positive way and train your brain to start-up in the morning with positive and productive vibes, such as writing down what you are grateful for each morning.

This doesn’t mean buying a fancy journal and writing with a flourish then posting a fancy flat lay for likes on Instagram as that would defeat the purpose. It means jotting down on an old notebook or a post-it note one thing you are grateful for whilst you mindfully enjoy your morning coffee.

There are chapters devoted to technology and also the psychology behind why we are easily distracted which are both interesting and useful. Lee Taylor helps you avoid falling down the rabbit hole of constant news, information and clickbait on Facebook and work towards days filled with focus and actually getting things done.

A quick self care read interspersed with inspirational quotes which you can dip in and out of when you’re in need of a bit of focus and need to get yourself back on track.