A wonderful collection of prose and poetry compiled by A.A. Willis. Perfect for those who seek a few minutes of self-reflection and peace.

Yesterday's Voices on the Inner Life: A Prose and Poetry Anthology

Yesterday’s Voices on the Inner Life is a prose and poetry anthology of eclectic selections from spiritual and inspirational literature from past centuries. It illustrates the continued relevance of these words in the modern world, with a focus on inspiration, successful living, and inner peace. This collection is for the reader who has an ongoing thirst for timeless wisdom, using enduring universal principles for facing today’s challenges with calmness and inner strength.

Duffy’s Thoughts On Yesterday’s Voices on the Inner Life: A Prose and Poetry Anthology

A.A.Willis has clearly taken time to carefully research and handpick some beautiful poems and prose from a myriad of different people with Yesterday’s Voices on the Inner Life. I really liked the categories which enabled me to head to a topic or feeling which I felt drawn to at any particular time. I might be sat in a park on my lunch break and want to ponder on the nature of things, or I might want to unwind and unpack a stressful day by reading about rhythms, ebb, flow and cycles while on the train home. If I have a presentation at work, I might want to read some inspirational prose about direction and confidence or to get back on track and be more present with my team or my friends.

There really is something for everyone and a beautiful collection which will sit on your kindle, in your bag, or on your tablet ready and waiting to give you some inspiration, inner peace and guidance from people in history such as Marcus Aurelius, Kabir and Shakespeare among other noted philosophers books and poems.

Carry some inspiration and inner peace with you every day. Click the image to buy on Amazon for $1 on Kindle!

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