I have been working my little writer butt off lately, so thought I would reward myself by buying a little treat.  I was browsing the internet and this little gem appeared before my eyes. It’s a kitsch 1950’s cookbook in mint condition with the most adorable illustrations.

photo 1-11

I was surprised when I received the book and all these little hand typed recipes and letters spilled out, along with a photo of one of the contributing chefs. You can feel the dent of the typewriter keys on the papers and I admire the carefully typed notes on personalised letterhead. I know I wouldn’t be able to write without spellcheck and my good friend the delete button!

photo 3-4


photo 2-11

The book and these little notes have somehow travelled through the years and across continents to reach me and I feel very lucky to have them in my hands.  I may even try some of the recipes!

Do you have an old book that you treasure?