the mid life method. how to lose weight after 40

A quick, interesting read, I just can’t help thinking it would have been better printed in a different book format‘ – Duffy

An evidence-based, healthy weight loss plan for the over 40s which provides clear dietary advice, recipes and meal plans, all grounded in best nutritional practice.

In The Midlife Method, food and lifestyle writer Sam Rice explores why it is so much harder to lose weight as we get older and what we can do about it.

Rather than focusing exclusively on restricted eating, as so many diets do, Sam guides us through her ‘method’ for midlife weight loss based on extensive research into the specific physiological changes that occur in our middle years. She answers the questions that she herself asked when, in her forties, the weight suddenly started accumulating around the middle: 

* Why is this happening to me? 
* What am I eating that isn’t helping?
* What foods should I be eating more of? 
* How do calories fit into the equation? 
* How much and what kinds of exercise are most beneficial? 
* What other lifestyle changes do I need to make? 

Including more than 80 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and family-friendly dinners, along with an easy 4-week meal plan, The Midlife Method shows how combining Light Days (active calorie restriction via calorie-controlled recipes) and Regular Days (focused on eating well-balanced, nutrient-dense food) can bring about healthy and sustainable weight loss. 

But we don’t just want to lose weight as we get older, we want to feel great too, that is where The Midlife Method Healthy Habits come in. Learn how to exercise optimally, get a better night’s sleep, manage stress and enjoy alcohol as part of a healthier lifestyle. If you feel stuck in a midlife weight rut then this is the book for you.

Duffy’s thoughts on The Midlife Method

Being over forty myself and finding it harder and harder to shift those pesky ‘iso’ kilos, I was interested in what The Midlife Method had to say. The first quarter of the book explains why we retain weight and find it harder to shit as we get older, along with some evidence-based guidance on how to turn that around.

The rest of the book is stuffed full of recipes, snacks and a diet plan to follow. The recipes look great and I’m particularly keen to try the Mexican breakfast bowl and the pot noodles.

The only downside for me is the format. It comes in a normal every day paperback format (or e-book), however considering the bulk of the book is all about food and recipes, a glossy cookbook style would be a lot better. I like to have my recipe books in the kitchen where I can open up the pages and follow along easily, Or browse amazing food photos to see what catches my eye for dinner. It would be impossible in the format I received and would end up with soggy pages and struggling to keep the pages open and flat on the kitchen counter.

Format aside, the content is interesting and I enjoyed the read. I’ll also be trying out some recipes, but I may need to screenshot on my iPad first!

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