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Soul In The Storm – When A Little Book Arrives At The Right Time

Transform the way you relate to stress. Inner peace is closer than you think. You are a soul. Soul is the purest form of you, beyond the reach of everyday anxiety and stressors. When you learn to shift your awareness into soul, it becomes the perfect haven from any storm.…
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Book Blast!

Book Blast – Unchecked Capitalism!

By author Earl Rynerson Unchecked. Capitalism shows how major corporations and their army of lobbyists have gradually taken over our governmental institutions, to the point where our elected officials do the bidding of corporations and the wealthy rather than us, the book is broken down by Industry (Banking, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, the Auto Industry,…
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Biographies, Autobiographies and Memoirs

Praying For A Miracle When It’s Hopeless – One woman’s battle with cancer

A story of extreme battles and overwhelming faith by Isabella Milan Have you ever been given news that made you feel as if you were a prisoner sentenced to death? That was my initial feeling when I was told I had Breast Cancer with metastasis to my brain, that my…
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