wrath & mercy sins of the virtuous Faye Hall

Faye Hall writes historical fiction with added steam. If you want to delve into the lives and dramas of fictional characters in a very real Australian outback then grab yourself a copy of Wrath & Mercy! Faye will be sharing the obstacles involved in using Australian slang in your work when you have an American publisher next week. Follow Duffy for updates!

Finley Helmer thought he had it all when Elina invited him into her bed.  He thought he found passion and love beyond compare. Instead he was thrown into a life of smuggling black opals, drugs and aboriginal slaves.  When he was charged with murder, he fled town to escape the charges, vowing to return and ask his lover why she’d handed him over to the police.

Elina Clemence was ripped away from her home and the man she loved and brought to Australia to start her life anew.  Her father promised her beauty and opportunity. What she found was a cruel and abusive business partner, and a step-daughter who wanted to destroy her.

Despite the constant accidents following her and threatening her life, Elina sets herself up as a profitable shipping tycoon, with control over most of the towns supply.  Despite her powerful position, her heart still ached for the man she once loved who disappeared from her life without a trace.

Finding themselves passionately reunited, Finley and Elina discover the cruelty that tore them from each other. As they search for answers, they uncover the unrelenting wrath and vengeance of an opium addict who will stop at nothing until she has possession of the black opals she thinks they are hiding.

Will their love for each other allow them forgiveness, or will they fall victim to the horror that seems to be following them?

Wrath & Mercy Author Faye Hall will share her struggles with creating Australian characters and voices when you have an American publisher next week. Follow Duffy for the updates!

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