Looking for a storyline, character or theme to kick-start your next piece of work? Are you, like me just sat there staring into the apartment block next door  whilst racking your brain for something to hook your story on?  Is nothing coming forward, just blank darkness and mundane thoughts of what you should really be doing with your day to be a little more productive?

Do yourself a big favour and look at whats happening in the real world.  Just over the past few months there have been tragic deaths of iconic pop stars and evil dictators.  The people have begun to find a voice and fight against the machine with Occupy protests and many individual tales have emerged surrounding these global headlines. 

Two of my favourites may not be quite as headline grabbing but they have definitely caught my eye on the page and captured my imagination.  There’s a lot happening right here on this planet that we don’t even know about:-

Giant Super Ants

Yes, scientists have bred a new species of giant super ant.  These super soldier ants have been bred to have giant heads and jaws sometimes bigger than their own body.  What’s a little more disturbing is that the ants used are mexican, just for a little extra scariness.  Thoughts of old B movies such as Empire of the Ants filled my head, and my nightmares.


Invisibility Cloak

The CIA have actually developed an invisibility cloak. Heaven knows how it works, I’m sure it’s extremely technological and too clever for us plebs to figure out.  Thoughts of an underground testing facility under a mountain Austin Powers style spring to mind.  Teams of scientists and henchman running around in 1960’s polyester uniforms pressing large red buttons and using the Area 51 alien as an invisibility consultant.

Whats astounding is that apparently this cloak can be developed to  hide whole events!  There are a few Friday nights I wouldn’t mind borrowing that for. Conspiracy theorists will love the fact that this amazing advancement came from within the depths of the Pentagon.

Chevy assisted the Pentagon with some early prototypes

I’m told they had to make minor adjustments as not to infringe on Harry Potters patent.

Delve past the headlines of the news and you will be sure to find some great little nuggets.  Even if you aren’t a writer you’ll find something to talk about and maybe spark an idea, or even an ever so slight state of panic!