I firstly want to say that the back cover blurb didn’t match the book I found inside. My interpretation of the jacket led me to expect an Australian ‘Eat Pray Love’ with a pretentious woman in search of enlightenment who ‘discovers’ herself whilst meditating next to giant pineapples. I didn’t find that here, and for that I am thoroughly grateful!

Instead, I found a book about a woman who is completely responsible for the mess her life is in today. There is no man who screwed her over, no mistress, no loss of health or money which isn’t of her own doing. Arkie royally stuffed up her own life and has to work bloody hard to find her way back again.

Arkie’s journey to rectify the mess her life has become is entwined with Japanese spirituality, surrealist art and of course Australia’s Big Things. Having carried out a backpacker version of my own tour of Australia’s Big Things , I knew the fun Lisa would have had exploring tiny towns and eccentric characters who inhabit them as she researched the book. On rare occasion, I did find the magic a little too magical; the characters turning up JUST at the right time at the end was a little soppy, but it didn’t get in the way of the story too much and didn’t ruin the experience for me at all.

A heartwarming, funny book which I thoroughly enjoyed; So much so, I have purchased seven lucky Shinto Gods of my own in the hope they will guide me through 2015. Has Lisa started her own trend?


3 out of 5 stars for a book that manages to pull off flawed characters and a lot of spirit without collecting clichés on the way.

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