A medical doctor’s novel explores life and death decisions on a mountain top

During a group’s ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro, a medical emergency forces one man to confront what he’s willing to do to save the life of a stranger

PHOENIX, AZ –What do you owe to someone whose life you’ve saved? What does that person owe you? In the early 1980s, an international group of tourists find themselves intimately connected to one another as they attempt to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro. After several miles of progress, the expedition suddenly becomes derailed when one of the climbers becomes gravely ill. Struggling with the effects of high altitude and freezing wind and snow, the climbers must confront their fears and personal limitations as well as their responsibilities to a sick stranger.

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After a young medical student struggles over a mountain pass, determined to keep this man alive, he must soon grapple with the aftermath of his actions. Romantic feelings crop up where they shouldn’t, and he worries that he may cross a line, betraying the man he saved, and possibly his own integrity.

An exploration of the uncertain balance between duty and heroism, “Moonstone Hero,” is in part an ode to medical professionals and their willingness to risk their lives to save others. Written by a renowned medical doctor in gripping prose, this thrilling adventure novel is a timely (and timeless) take on what we owe to each other.

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