Blood Secret by Jaye Ford is a little bit like bolting down the Freeway at a 110k an hour only to realise you have been going the wrong way all along! You think you have the story sussed, and can see the destination, but you don’t.

Cleverly written, this book lays out the main characters, a couple called Rennie and Max who are in love but both have and hide secrets. Big secrets held by them both and their tightknit group of friends in little Haven Bay on the NSW coast.

Rennie is a hard woman, but street smart and hard working which makes you like her, I won’t reveal a spoiler but when you learn of her extremely violent past you instantly root for her and want her ‘to be ok in the end’. The characters are so tightly bound together you feel like you know them and I often felt I was sat in Skiffs coffee shop eavesdropping on their conversations and as the book unfolds you really are pushed to thinking one way and then another, and then another. There were multiple endings running through my head as I neared the last third of the book which is what you want in a good read.

Jaye describes some scenes perfectly and for me as a reader, and a writer I admire the skill and love finding a little gem of a paragraph on a page;-

‘He swung his face around, ready to unleash another round of go-fuck-yourself but whatever he saw in her expression stopped it before it reached his lips. Comprehension slid through.’

If you like a book with a lot of suspense and one that keeps moving, give Blood Secret a go. You won’t be disappointed!