drowning by tj Newman

Drowning by T.J. Newman is a heart-pounding novel taking readers on a fast-paced ride full of tension and suspense. Newman, a former flight attendant, brings her firsthand knowledge and experience to this page-turner which will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

Six minutes after takeoff, Flight 1421 crashes into the Pacific Ocean. During the evacuation, an engine explodes and the plane is flooded. Those still alive are forced to close the doors—but it’s too late. The plane sinks to the bottom with twelve passengers trapped inside.

More than two hundred feet below the surface, engineer Will Kent and his eleven-year-old daughter Shannon are waist-deep in water and fighting for their lives.

Their only chance at survival is an elite rescue team on the surface led by professional diver Chris Kent – Shannon’s mother and Will’s soon-to-be ex-wife – who must work together with Will to find a way to save their daughter and rescue the passengers from the sealed airplane, which is now teetering on the edge of an undersea cliff.

There’s not much time.

There’s even less air.

What I particularly liked about Drowning is the depth of its characters. Newman delves into their lives, and fears and not all of them are well-meaning Americans or heroes trying to help each other, that’s for sure. This adds to the realism of the situation and once I connected with the characters I had to see how it all turned out.

The pacing of the novel is relentless, with short, gripping chapters that propel the story forward at breakneck speed. If you have an anxious disposition, this read may not be for you as the suspense is sustained from beginning to end.

Drowning is a stand-out thriller and TJ Newman no doubt has some more excellent plots and plot twists to come. A thoroughly enjoyable read!