I wrote this post way back in 2011.  The speech is still one of my favourites in history and Bobby Kennedy is one hell of a public speaker.


However you feel about the Kennedy’s, whether you think them saints or sinners, there is no denying the talent Robert F Kennedy had for giving a powerful speech which reached the soul of a nation at the time it was spoken.

I would love you to give this video just a few moments of your day. Get past the tacky slide for the first 10 seconds, turn up the volume, have a quiet moment and listen. Great words, said simply and with a truth. No brivado, no cheese, just how it is and how it should be. Even though this speech was given in 1968, I think it was ahead of its time and was meant to be recorded in history.  To be listened to, and shared again and again, until maybe it sinks in a little.

Do you have any great speeches to share?