I have read some cracking thrillers this year and so I thought I would share my top five picks!  If you are looking for suspense, clever twists and a peek into the mind of the deranged, these books will satisfy your guilty pleasures.


Gone Girl

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or zipped up in an anti-Ebola Hazmat suit (too soon?) then you will have heard of Gone Girl the movie.  A classy, dark thriller to watch and a more layered, disturbing read!


One Kick

When ‘Kick’ was kidnapped as a young girl and kept as a prisoner for a paedophile ring, her life changed forever.  Her perpetrator has been put in prison, she has been freed, but the the story is far from over. Be warned, One Kick will stay with you for days.


Black Moon

What would happen to the world if, one day, people woke up but could’t go to sleep?  Only a small percentage are ‘sleepers’ and the rest, well what does happen to the body and more importantly the mind when there is no sleep to be had? In the current climate of epidemics, Black Moon gets under your skin.


A Swollen Red Sun

If you loved Season One of True Detective, then you will LOVE A Swollen Red Sun. That is all.



Read your fill of damsels in distress, hero’s and heroines escaping the clutches of psychopaths? YOU has a prose which gets you right inside the mind of a creepy, clever, charming stalker and his adventures, murders, obsessions and musings.  This is the creepiest book I have read in a very VERY long time.


Have fun scaring yourself silly and sleeping with the lights on!