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Another Great Cricket Bio Review By Guest Blogger Mr B! – Flintoff “Second Innings”

Another great cricket bio for you this week - this one from Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff. "Second Innings" covers not only his cricket career, but as the title suggests, his life after retiring from cricket in 2009. He tells his story with plenty of "northern" humour. In fact, if you read…
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Australian Authors

Author Guest Post! Claire Varley talks about the pressure to be ‘wordy’ all the time..

I was lucky enough to pose a question to Claire Varley, author of The Bit Inbetween.  Here is here brilliantly funny guest post response!   ‘Being a writer, do you feel under pressure to be 'wordy' and impressive all the time? Even in birthday cards and comments boxes on questionnaires?’…
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