I was watching the comedy genius of the IT crowd last week and one of the sketches was pure gold! I should be able to explain in words but I actually think that visual is definitely the better form of communication for the purposes of this blog!

“Peddle Stool? I’m sorry did you just say PEDDLE STOOL?”

It got me thinking, how is it that people go through their whole lives well into adulthood saying the completely wrong word? I know exactly why. As trusted friends and co-workers we merrily let people misquote phrases or say some random inexplicable word in a sentence repeatedly without a second thought of correcting them. Why? Because purely and simply we find it funny.

I had a friend that referred to her re-occurring cold sore as her “annoying coleslaw” damn that cabbage! A co-worker kept referring to the mud plans in a project meeting as “the mudflaps”. Brilliant. I was sat across a desk facing my very own David Brent awkward, hilarious moment. I loved it.

But how does this happen? That you go your whole life saying the completely wrong thing. Do rogue words somehow get trapped in your head and now, no matter how hard you try you just can’t shift it? Or do these people hear the right word in their head but the opposite comes out?

Either way cheers to you if you are one of these innocents! As you bring unexpected joy, and a suprise piece of comedy gold to any number of trivial or boring conversations.

Have you got a friend or someone you know who consistently says the wrong word? Have you told them? Or would you like to share your own embarrassing moment when you discovered your whole life you had been saying the wrong thing? Share them here!