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Book Blast!

Book Blast! River Weather – Short stories that will stay with you a long time

Cameron MacKenzie, author of River Weather,  a collection of stories that releases December 7th with Alternating Current Press.  “The stories in ‘River Weather’ manage to be both sensitive and transgressive, socially conscious and hard-edged. MacKenzie captures with exquisite detail the challenges of being a man in a world that’s gone to hell,…
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‘The Desperate Travel Lightly’ – Shorts By Tessie Regan

'Desperate people travel lightly' I recently read Shorts by Tessie Regan. If i'm honest, I was browsing Netgalley looking for a 'filler' read. Something to keep me occupied for a day or two before shiny new books arrived to be reviewed. I saw the introduction for Shorts and it caught…
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