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Book Blast!

Book Blast! New books and movies from Extraordinary Pictures!

THE EXTRAORDINARY ORDINARY (feature narrative drama film) The Extraordinary Ordinary is an award-winning drama, a college freshman moves across the country to cope with her mental health as well as a traumatic incident from high school, while befriending a classmate and a co-worker who have a history of their own. Years after being…
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Coffee Table Books

Accidentally Wes Anderson – stunning coffee table book!

"Pastel colours, front-on facades, hyper-stylized uncanny symmetry: director Wes Anderson has a defined aesthetic. Once you've got your eye in, you can see it account, @AccidentallyWesAnderson, has found favour with an 'engaged group of explorers with a keen eye,' who send him thousands of submissions every week." The Guardian A visual…
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Latest Movie Releases

Has the Transformers Series Dented Michael Bay’s Legacy?

Has the Transformers Series Dented Michael Bay’s Legacy? A little over two months ago, I did a review of Transformers: The Last Knight which was said to be the final entry in the franchise under Michael Bay. Although it was a spectacle in terms of visuals, the plot was lacking…
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