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Australian Authors

The Perfect St Patrick’s Day Read – Fairy Folklore with Reluctantly Charmed….

Reluctantly Charmed is the tale of Kate McDaid, your average working class girl from Dublin. She is single, quite happy being so and has been a junior copywriter for five years without a flicker of promotion. Kate is in a life rut and although she knows it's time to take…
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Watermelon is Life – A personal tale of teaching in Namibia

A personal tale of teaching in Namibia. Wes Weston approached me to read and review Watermelon is Life and I'm glad he did, otherwise I never would have found it. I usually stick to fiction and shy away from autobiographical books, but this was a colourful, fun and easy read.…
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Latest Movie Releases

Funny, insightful, respectful – My movie review of Infinitely Polar Bear

4 out out of 5 stars - Opens 26th March I was lucky enough to be given a cracker of a movie for my first leap into movie blogging! Infinitely Polar Bear is an autobiographical movie about a married father of two young daughters who has Bi-Polar disorder. In the…
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Everybody is somebody elses weirdo – My review of If I Fall, If I Die

I have just finished If I Fall, If I Die, and it is beautiful. This book is the story of Will, a young lad with an agoraphobic mother, living in a large house with rooms named after cities. Cairo, Toronto and Paris become their cocooned world filled with art, creativity…
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Ever had a weird ex-boyfriend?….Crazy Love You by Lisa Unger

I have just finished Crazy Love You by Lisa Unger and it has left me It is the story of Ian Paine, who as a child, suffered terrible trauma and came through a very difficult childhood to become a successful New York hipster type, writing and drawing comics in his…
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Arkie’s Pilgrimage to the Next Big Thing – My Blog Tour Review!

I firstly want to say that the back cover blurb didn’t match the book I found inside. My interpretation of the jacket led me to expect an Australian 'Eat Pray Love' with a pretentious woman in search of enlightenment who 'discovers' herself whilst meditating next to giant pineapples. I didn't find…
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Reds against Reds, Silver against Silver, Prince against Prince. My review of Red Queen

I have hopped back into the world of YA fiction with my first read for Hachette. The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Browsing NetGalley, I was drawn to the stunning cover and i'm sure this will be a huge draw card when it hits the bookstores tomorrow. However, this book is…
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