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Book Blast!

Book Blast – Memoirs of a 20th Century Gentleman

FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD PROMOTION MONDAY 15th June - Friday 19th June! Memoirs of a 20th Century Gentleman: Recounting his journey over the years, from a little village in England to the deserts of the Middle East, private boarding schools to children’s care homes, world-wide trade oil tankers to a 19th Century tall ship,…
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New Releases and Bookworm News

Reading Fatigue? Switch up with a podcast!

If like me, there have been times it's been difficult to focus on a book, an inspirational podcast could be the change you need to reset and refocus! UNLEASHED: THE GAME CHANGERS is an inspiring and empowering YouTube Talk Show and Podcast hosted by Women's Rights Activist, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker &…
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Australian Authors

Worried about self-isolation? Get into a good book!

As we are all told to socially distance ourselves and self-isolate, we start to get worried about impending self-isolation start to think "What am I supposed to do to fill my days at home?". Introverts may want to escape the constant bombardment of coronavirus news and extroverts are already climbing…
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Author Interviews

Writing As Therapy – By the authors of Living Lightly Kim Alexander & Dale Curd

KIMBERLY ALEXANDER is a therapist with an online practice. Dale and Kim founded The Child Therapy List and The Men's List, online mental wellness professional directories, to help normalize therapy and end mental health stigma. They operate as an online community to acknowledge and connect with readers. In 2015, Dale…
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