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Clothes… and other things that matter

'Alexandra Shulman's style is unaffected, immediate and hilariously dry. She's brilliant at observing everyday feelings in a joy-sparking turn of phrase.' - Helena Bonham Carter Part memoir, part fashion history, part social commentary, Alexandra Shulman explores the meaning of clothes and how we wear them. (more…)
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Book Blast!

Book Blast! Spiral – the latest thriller from Khaled Talib

I spent ten years managing the external public relations account of the South Australian Tourism Commission in its Singapore office. It inspired me to write my fourth thriller, Spiral.  It tells the story of Laurence Turner, a pharmacist from Sydney, who becomes wracked with guilt after his fiancé dies on…
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Author Interviews

Gill Mann reflects on the joys and difficulties of raising a son with schizophrenia

‘You are a song inside me now, a melody that stirs and bursts into life when I think of you.’ This is a story about love. In her heart-breaking, thought-provoking, and ultimately uplifting memoir, Gill remembers life with her son, Sam, a boy and young man who enchanted and infuriated…
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