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Reasonable Doubt – A jarring look at Australia’s criminal justice system

'The good, bad and downright rotten parts of Australia's criminal justice system are put on trial by Dr Xanthé Mallett. With her clear-eyed logic and objectivity, this compelling book identifies reasonable doubts which must keep prosecutors and defence lawyers awake at night.' Hedley Thomas, host of the Teacher's Pet podcast  (more…)
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Author Interviews

Where to get inspiration for stories? by Author McKay Mertz

The easy answer to “Where to get inspiration for stories?” is well…everywhere. People draw inspiration from all kinds of places, but for me, I’ve found three specific, reliable sources or methods to find inspiration to write stories. Hopefully, this inspires you.  (more…)
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Disappearing Earth

For fans of Anthony Marra's A Constellation of Vital Phenomena and Téa Obreht's The Tiger's Wife: the kidnapping of two small girls on a remote peninsula in Russia sets in motion an evocative, moving, searingly original debut novel by a dazzling young writer. (more…)
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Biographies, Autobiographies and Memoirs

The Snapshot Killer – Did Christopher Wilder commit the Wanda Beach Murders?

I had never heard of Chris Wilder ‘‘The Snapshot Killer’. A man who terrorised young girls in Australia in the ’70s is still a suspect in one of Sydney’s most horrific double murders, The Wanda Beach Murders of 1965 and who fled to the USA to continue his sadistic, murderous…
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When The Dogs Don’t Bark – A Forensic Scientist’s Search For The Truth

When The Dogs Don't Bark is the compelling memoir from the UK's most eminent forensic scientist and some of the most fascinating criminal investigations she has worked on. 'Finding the right answers is what forensic science is all about. What often matters even more, however, is asking the right questions.' (more…)
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