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22 Murders Of Madison May – He will kill her again because he’s killed her before

'With unrelenting tension, Max Barry weaves a complex tapestry where a sociopath's insatiable obsession knows no bounds, not even time and space, and only two things are certain - he will kill her again because he's killed her before. I devoured this novel in one sitting.' Barker, author of A Caller's…
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Author Interviews

Author of the Ronaldo series Maxine Sylvester shares her writing journey

I rarely read and review children's books, I usually leave that to guest poster Mr B! However, I appreciated author Maxine Sylvesters personalised, thoughtful email to me and once I saw the adorable illustrations of cheeky Ronaldo, I was in! Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher has a well-paced storyline, excitement,…
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