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New Releases and Bookworm News

Crime Writer Fiona Sherlock creates interactive ‘office return’ murder mystery

Award-winning crime writer Fiona Sherlock has opened bookings for her interactive ‘office return’ game, Murder on the Second Floor, to help companies welcome staff back to the workplace post lockdown. The mystery-inspired game has elements of a treasure hunt and escape room to allow staff to explore their new office…
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Biographies, Autobiographies and Memoirs

The Mind Of A Murderer – A true crime essential read

'Whodunnit' doesn't matter so much, not to a forensic psychiatrist. We're more interested in the 'why'.  In his 26 years in the field, Richard Taylor has worked on well over a hundred murder cases, with victims and perpetrators from all walks of life. In this fascinating memoir, Taylor draws on…
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Book Blast!

Book Blast! Falling Night

Unique novel in a new thriller sub-genre! Instead of semi-predictable plots about the streetwise tough guys and gals navigating tight scrapes, try this alternative adventure about an unarmed aid worker trying to survive the hazards of an African civil war. It will keep you guessing right to the Alan Swales is no hero and…
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