spymaster mistress

Two Jewish patriots fight for love during American Revolution

If you love the musical Hamilton, get ready for this new alternate history 

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Espionage and romance intertwine in this beguiling story of two Jewish patriots and their fight for love and freedom during the American Revolution. David is an American soldier bound to duty who falls in love with Eliza Schuyler. Rachel is a Patriot spy hired by Alexander Hamilton to keep an eye on a British soldier, only to fall in love with him. Bound by faith and patriotism, together they fight from the heart in debut author Pamela Winnick’s poignant novel The Spymaster’s Mistress (She Writes Press, July 18, 2023).

From a successful career as a lawyer to an Overseas Press Club-winning journalist, Pamela Winnick has waited her whole life to write fiction. Sparked from an early conversation with her father about Jewish people in the US, Pamela creates a lush world divided by war, religion, loyalty, and love.

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Told in alternating points of view, Rachel and David are cousins and members of the Jewish communities living in 18th-century Philadelphia. Rachel begins to work as a spy for Alexander Hamilton while David fights as a major in the American army. While both risk their lives for their country, they also risk their faith by falling in love with the wrong people.

The Spymaster’s Mistress sheds light on the Jewish communities living in America at this time, the interiors of the feminine world, and the visceral battles faced by American soldiers against the British. For fans of the American Revolution and the musical, Hamilton, get ready for the untold story of Rachel and David as they go against the odds for love.

“The Spymaster’s Mistress”