‘I always like to think I’m good at figuring out plot twists, but with this book, I couldn’t have possibly guessed the outcome. Readers are fed mini surprises and cliff-hangers throughout the book that keep you hooked, the characters are endearing,’Amarachi Nwankwo, Professional Book Reviewer, Reedsy Discovery

In 1962, four teenagers commit a harmless prank on their teacher the day before summer holidays start. But as hidden truths come to light, events take a sinister turn, and the teenagers are forced into making a decision that will haunt the rest of their lives forever…

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An excerpt from Teacher Pet


The dimly lit room highlighted a large, woodworm-infested cupboard that barely shifted as the woman inside desperately lashed out in panic. The old, half-skeletal, half-anatomical model grinned gruesomely at the first entertainment it had seen in months. A cracked bathroom mirror copied the scene before it like a kaleidoscope of horror. When the door to the room first crashed open, the force had thrown the heavy layer of dust up into the air like a flock of moths. It had settled once more upon the stacks of chairs and forgotten blackboards, restoring its calm but in no-way mimicking the atmosphere.

Frantic crashing sounded from inside the cupboard, the violent knocks and high-pitched screaming joining in with the chorus of the four celebrating teenagers. Far from alarming them, the cries from inside and the sound of fingernails scrabbling against the wood only seemed to egg a couple of the teenagers on.

Mason, red-faced from exertion, placed a hand under his ribs and went to stand next to Elijah, who had been the supervisor of the entire situation.

“Simply wonderful how she-”

“Screamed?” Mason let out a breathless laugh, his torso bent double while resting his hands on his knees.

“And not a soul heard her!”

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