I got it from here

Trauma survivor finds peace and healing after years of abuse

An inspiring true story of determination to survive and to heal

I Got It From Here. New York, NY – From years of inheriting the generational trauma of her Italian American family to marrying a man that she didn’t love, to enduring physical, mental, and emotional abuse, and the gruelling custody battle for her kids, Francesca Miracola learned the hard way that healing comes from within–and now she’s releasing a book to inspire others to do the same I Got It From Here (She Writes Press, Apr 25, 2023) is Miracola’s true story of abuse, trauma, healing, and freedom from the scars of her past, and it’s an inspirational and empowering narrative for anyone seeking to reshape their lives from the ashes.

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After years of sweeping things under the rug in her traditional Italian American family, Francesca is ready to shed her past and start a new life with her husband, Jason. While not completely in love with him, she decides to marry him in hopes for a better life. However, it’s not the picture-perfect fairytale she imagined. From the misogynistic red flags to physical and mental abuse, Francesca awakens from the cycle of trauma she’s lived with and finds strength to heal. In sharing her true account of generational trauma, domestic violence, and self-denial, Miracola hopes her story will inspire other survivors to be the protagonist of their own story.

Raw and illuminating, I Got It from Here is one woman’s story of saving herself and her children from the grips of a sociopath posing as a family man–and from the inherited trauma passed down by her own family of birth–while learning to trust in the inner voice that’s been trying to guide her all along.

I Got It From Here

Francesca Miracola | April 25, 2023 | She Writes Press | Memoir 

Paperback | 978-1-64742-483-1 | $17.95

Ebook |  B0B8H555T6 | $9.99