street siren

London, 1988

Young prostitute, Devlin Hunter is distraught when her best friend Roxy is found murdered, pushing her back into drug addiction. After a snuff film is uncovered depicting Roxy’s death by a masked killer, the police struggle for leads. 

Devlin stumbles upon a connection between the snuff film and a local adult entertainment studio and infiltrates the company by going undercover as an actress. She tracks down those responsible and seduces each of them before exacting her brutal revenge. 

However, the police are soon on her trail and it becomes a race against time to kill them before she is caught.

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Book Extract of Street Siren

The city was silent. Lights twinkled in the dark like the stars in the night sky. The hard windowsill wasn’t exactly comfortable, but it allowed Devlin to relax as she admired the view. She drew on a cigarette, blowing the billowing smoke out the open window, the soft wind taking it away. As she pulled the burning stub from her full lips, her blood-stained hand was shaking, a charm bracelet slipping down her arm.

Although she was skinny and wore nothing more than lingerie, she was immune to the cold. Her mind was on other things. Her eyes were glazed over, blood dripping from her face. She flicked the cigarette butt out of the window and slipped off the sill with ease. As she made her way across the studio apartment, she glanced over at the carnage she was responsible for only a few moments ago. His head was almost gone, and what remained was unidentifiable. His naked body was drenched in blood, soaking the silk bed sheets beneath. There was a spray of red up the headboard and wall. Devlin entered the bathroom, flicking on the bright light. She twisted on the tap, and the water splashed down heavy, ricocheting off the bowl.

The blood washed from her hands as she scrubbed them furiously to remove every last trace. She splashed some of the water over her face to remove the red staining clinging to her skin. Each drop was a reminder of what she had done, cast aside as if to erase the crime.

As she stared into the mirror, her dark eyes reflected back at her upon the face of a demon she no longer recognised. She reached up and pulled a blonde wig from her head to reveal brunette hair with pink streaks through it on one side. There was the girl she knew. Her tired appearance betrayed her young age of only twenty-two.

Suddenly, nausea overcame her, and she turned to the nearby toilet. The vomit burned her throat. She had not eaten in a while, so it was mostly bile laced with red wine.

She picked up a crumpled cocktail dress from the floor and slipped it over her hips, zipping it up tight. She then threw on a leather jacket and collected her handbag before stepping out to view the bloodbath again. Devlin couldn’t help but stare at the hideous sight once more. A sense of relief washed over her. She picked up the stained hammer from the blood-soaked carpet and wiped it down with the bedsheet. She placed it back inside her handbag and slung the strap over her shoulder. Her eye was drawn to a brown leather wallet sitting on the bedside table next to a mirror with lines of cocaine on its surface. As it flipped open, a large wad of notes wedged inside revealed itself. She plucked them out and shoved them into her pocket, tossing the wallet back onto the table. She then headed for the front door and quietly pulled it open, taking one last look back at the scene before ducking out into the darkness.

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