how did I get here

Hi, I’m Andrew Fitzgerald, and I died twice.  

Everyone dies, although not everyone truly lives.  I flatlined twice and was brought back to life to follow my ambitions and embark on a journey of resilience. Yes, I died twice, yet I’ve lived a full life. How Did I Get Here? Traveling the Road to Resilience follows my life from growing up in Ireland to immigrating to the United States and the trials and triumphs along the way—the failures and successes in business, the fear and excitement of a new country, the grief and loss through miscarriage, and the eventual birth of my son. I’ve divided this book into four parts which focus on the most significant events in my life, and as such are not necessarily in chronological order. However, as the story unfolds, you’ll notice how it all fits together. 

The book you’re about to read recounts how I overcame fears and obstacles to realize my goals. I believe anyone who has tried, failed and tried again and succeeded or has overcome loss and sorrow, will gain useful insights. My story shows how you can prevail over adversity using key lessons—both personal and professional— that have both helped and hindered me, yet ultimately served me well. 

If you’ve had tough times, you’ll get value out of this book. If you’re in the middle of some challenge, you’ll get insights. If you feel stuck or need to make a change, this book will inspire you. 

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How Did I Get Here?

I’ve heard that the journey is as important as the destination. I used to think the destination was all that mattered, yet it wasn’t until I realized that the journey—filled with highs and lows—is often more fulfilling than the destination. So travel with me to learn how I overcame the various obstacles in my life, how I thrived, and how I  traveled the road to resilience. 

I’ve achieved so much in my corporate life and my sporting life, and yes, the journey has been more important than the destination. If you have dreams, yet have had to overcome obstacles, or you’re looking for a view into the workings of the corporate world, this book will accompany you as your story unfolds. 

My aim is for you to be inspired and encouraged, so you’ll be better prepared for what life has in store for you.  Ultimately, this book will help you learn to trust yourself and develop the key trait of resilience. Resilience is for everyone.

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