superman on earth

Superman From Earth. In the 2,390s, advances in technology have greatly improved the world, leaving a per-capita GDP of $100 trillion and an average life expectancy of 400 years. All physical and emotional needs are easily met, and humans have the freedom to pursue endless possibilities in life. In pursuit of one such possibility, six of Earth’s brightest astronauts embark on a mission to explore “Nearth,” a planet outside Earth’s solar system, in search of new resources. Upon arrival, they make a shocking discovery: two species of intelligent humanoids are locked in a devastating war, and the crew, with their technology and endless supply of knowledge, have the power to choose its victors.  

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The crew’s plan to not interfere in Nearth’s politics is quickly complicated by relationships with the natives, the discovery of valuable resources, and cave drawings that could reveal the mystery of creation. Soon, each astronaut must decide whether they are willing to sacrifice their morals for the Earth’s gain. Can they overcome their selfish desires, or will they succumb to the allure of power and greed? Time is running out, and their decisions could impact the future of Neath and the entire universe.

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James Edin is an author passionate about reading, history, and science fiction. A thoughtful and introspective novelist, he enjoys exploring the complexities of life through his writing. When he isn’t writing, James enjoys spending his free time reading novels and poetry, exercising, and contemplating the mysteries of the universe. Check out his debut science fiction space odyssey, Superman from Earth, today!

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