I feel your stare autobiography

Imagine yourself in a position of maneuvering through aspects of our everyday living we simply take for granted. I Feel Your Stare will take you there.

Would we see our existence as a beautiful opportunity to explore and live our moments fully, or spend our time lamenting our perceived hardships?

Throughout I Feel Your Stare, you will be transported to a place in time whereby Cheryl Gillespie’s descriptive scenes allow the reader a glimpse into a life of an individual assuming control of her future, and who excels far beyond the most hopeful of expectations.

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Who Is Cheryl Gillespie?

In her home province of New Brunswick, Canada, Cheryl Gillespie, along with her cat Mattie, will often be found basking on the backyard deck beneath the warm sunshine, the very spot where many of the chapters for I Feel Your Stare were written.

A childhood diagnosis of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, with associated blindness, coupled with physical and societal barriers, has proven only to strengthen her resolve. Following graduation from Fredericton High School, Cheryl advanced in her private studies through the Royal Conservatory of Music, attaining First Class Honours in piano, theory and history. 

Today, well established in her teaching career, she takes pride in the education of her students, highlighted by a two-time provincial medal winner through Mount Allison’s Local Centre Examinations Department of Music. Through her active role within the Fredericton Music Teachers’ Association, Cheryl has built invaluable, longstanding friendships with her colleagues. In 1993, Cheryl was the recipient of the Stanley B. Cassidy Memorial Award, presented by the Fredericton Music Society, recognizing her dedication to excellence and personal achievements.

Cheryl’s first work for adults, “I Feel Your Stare” was preceded by her children’s book, “Tigger and Jasper’s New Home.”

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