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Prologue excerpt

This is not my home.  This planet I reside on is not my home.  I am just visiting.  This body I reside in is not my home.  I am just visiting.  I am merely renting this vehicle in the form of this body to experience the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of human existence.   

From 1968 to 2003, Dawn James only knew this home but within and around her something was stirring, restless, waiting patiently for the right time to show her where she really came from and what she truly was.   

In 2003 I was presented with a choice: return home, leave this place, this life, this body, and everyone I knew and loved and return to Oneness, Nothingness, or remain.  There you have it.  I stood at that doorway for several moments though it felt like an eternity.  I remembered what was on the other side: no beginning, no end, the state of bodiless consciousness, boundlessness, and true freedom.  Was I to proceed and merge into Oneness, Nothingness, like the rivers that flow into the ocean to be seen no more? 

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The World We Live In 

As I look back, this is what I have learned.  We live our lives in a certain way and fall into a routine or a pattern of behaviour.  Life becomes predictable to the point that we no longer think about our actions or reactions for that matter.  We have said and thought and done the same things so many times that we become unconscious little humans existing on autopilot. Some of us find ourselves at a point in life, standing at the fork in the road, as these patterns we have created suddenly begin to look and feel unusual, uncomfortable, even foreign to us. Some of us begin to feel a stirring inside, a restlessness.  There is a question that begins to echo over and over again in our heads.  Is this all there is?  We feel hungry but not for food. We feel that something is missing but cannot articulate what it is.  Then the ultimate question erupts in our conscious minds… Why am I here?  I heard this question echo for months in my mind leading up to my awakening, my liberation, and my ultimate freedom.  Since then, I have come to learn that to only live as physical beings, is like living at 10% capacity.  We are living limited lives.  We are fragmented and incomplete.  It matters not whether these limitations are self-imposed or simply imposed by societal dogma and man-made principles and codes for which we are led to believe we are forever bound.  Either way, it has kept us from knowing ALL aspects of ourselves. 

What’s Unveiled about?

Dawn James, international award-winning author, shares her incredible life and spiritual journey and the strengthening of her connection to a higher power, which was partly inspired by the health challenges she endured as a child.

Dawn experienced being blind, deaf, and mute before the age of ten. In her teens, she faced the fight of her life which left her paralyzed from the waist down. 

How much more could she endure?  

Two decades would pass before her world would begin to unravel again. An unexplainable loss of appetite was swiftly followed by a heart-stopping event – her biggest challenge yet – death! 

Unveiled, Autobiography Of An Awakened One explores what each pivotal – and sometimes traumatic – life experience revealed and how her world was redefined with each unveiling. 

Dawn’s spiritual journey explains such phenomena as 

  • Kundalini awakening 
  • Merkabah 
  • Spiritual awakening 
  • Astral travel 
  • Harmonic Concordance 
  • Psychic abilities and clair senses 
  • Breatharianism 
  • Attunements 
  • Angelic realm 
  • Unity consciousness (Samadhi) 
  • The power of prayers 
  • Activating the chakras 
  • Spiritual evolution 
  • Visioning 
  • How to raise your personal frequency 
  • Soul mates 
  • Past lives 
  • Soul retrieval 
  • Guardian angels 
  • How to develop your intuition

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