old country classic horror novel

Right up there with any Stephen King classic – Equal parts unnerving and intriguingDuffythewriter

An instant classic horror novel.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The ranch was our dream home. Nestled in the arms of a valley below the Teton mountains, acres upon acres of wilderness, our nearest neighbours over a mile away . . .

Beautiful, serene – isolated. 

Perfect. Until, naturally, the only neighbours for miles turned out to be crazy and delivered us a dire warning: The valley is cursed. Every season a spirit will manifest itself in increasingly disturbing ways, starting with a spooky light in the pond, and will kill you if you don’t light a fire and-

We made them leave then. Put it to the back of our minds and went about living our new, nearly perfect, lives.

Then spring came, and so did the light . . .

With piercing psychological insight and a profound feeling for the natural world, Old Country unspools an unrelenting narrative of terror and suspense

Duffy’s thoughts on Old Country

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Old Country is one hell of a read. If you loved the Stephen King Classics, you will devour in one sitting, it’s truly gripping!

I love the way Matt and Harrison Query can create not only a unique horror plot, but can create a deep sense of loneliness, isolation and building tension. The cast of characters is small, however, each one is so carefully and thoughtfully developed that you care for all of them. Particularly the ever faithful Dash.

With each changing season, the small isolated country ranch and the land it sits on slowly reveals itself in a novel that is sure to be an instant horror classic. I would LOVE for it to be made into a Netflix series!

A Duffy favourite for sure.

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