beyond your confines mental wellness book

The pandemic confined you to your home, and now you have emerged, blinking into the daylight of hope. But to what extent has your mind kept you trapped within a prison of your own creation? 

We have always constructed labyrinthian prisons of fears and assumptions, but the evolution of technology has taken us further from the wisdom and natural rhythms that we can find within. The less aware you are of your internal (mental) state, the more you become a prisoner of it, and this blindness can lead to challenges to your mental health, your ability to parent, and it can even threaten your career. Learning how to free your mind from an internal prison should be a high priority.

However, Beyond Your Confines is not just an exercise in individual growth. Your mind does not exist in a vacuum.  We live in a world of polarized views, discrimination, and privilege, and so no mind can be free without an assessment of the part we play in all of this. We are, after all, as interconnected to each other as we are to the environment we pollute.

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Written by psychotherapist and author Chris Warren-Dickins, Beyond Your Confines helps you find the key to free your imprisoned mind and discover your wisdom and natural rhythms from without and from within.