Does any of this sound familiar? 

·       Depression snarls at you like a beast

·       Anxiety burns through the pit of your stomach like a fireball

·       You are constantly angry and in conflict with people around you

·       You drag the weight of a ten-ton trauma

Without the right help, any one of these issues can threaten your career, your business, or your personal relationships. 

What if you discovered that you already carry survival tools to help you to tackle these threats to your emotional and physical wellbeing? 

Like blazes on a trail, this Survival Guide will guide you through the rougher, darker paths of the journey that is your life, teaching you how to prepare for these darker days, what to do when the storm arrives, and how to survive and thrive so you do not plunge from disturbance to crisis.  Inside Beyond the Blue, you will find advice that is based on the latest research in neuroscience, strategies from the most effective approaches to psychotherapy, and Chris Warren-Dickins’s experience as a psychotherapist. 

This Survival Guide offers an alternative approach to the corner-cut logic that is labelling.  When it comes to survival of depression, anxiety, relationship conflict and anger, or trauma, labels can sometimes fail to help because we are more complex and sophisticated than that. 

Author Chris Warren-Dickins invites us to look Beyond the Blue of the male label that was given to us, with an appreciation that our lived reality may differ compared with some of the assumptions associated with this label.  For example, this Survival Guide will –  

·       Look beyond the assumption that the male labelled must be strong and silent, and focused on external gain at the expense of emotions and thoughts

·       Look beyond the assumption that the male labelled is a homogenous group, all benefiting from power and privilege

·       Look beyond the assumption that our true gender identity reflects the male sex label that was given to us

·       Look beyond the assumption that we have access to mental healthcare that is unfettered by racism, transphobia, biphobia, or homophobia by the diagnosing healthcare professional

·       Look beyond the assumption that we are free of the additional weight of marginalized stress, or microaggressions resulting from societal privilege 

These assumptions act as significant obstacles to adequate mental healthcare, and the reality is that there is little opportunity for adequate and accessible mental healthcare for people who have been given the male label.  This was already a problem before the pandemic, and now it has become a healthcare crisis.  Untreated depression, anxiety, relationship conflict and anger, and trauma pose a risk for all of us in society. 

This Survival Guide offers adequate and accessible mental healthcare so you can survive and thrive, despite depression, anxiety, relationship conflict and anger, and trauma.  If you are still in need of help beyond this book, there is advice about how to separate the good from the bad and ugly forms of professional help.

Are you ready to take your next step Beyond the Blue?

Chris Warren Dickins
Author Chris Warren-Dickins

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