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From the authors who brought you Love in a Sunburnt Land Volume 1 – five ‘single dad’ stories that will move you to tears, laughter and leave you just a little bit breathless. Five engaging novellas by five Aussie authors.

All My Heart by Rhonda Forrest A new job in a small town. 

She only has to last six months. A short-term teaching position in Tranquil Bay, North Queensland is an exciting option for Tess. Warmer weather, slower pace and a change of scenery are just what she is looking for and will add skills to her resume for moving back to Canberra at the end of the year. A romance with a burly footballer adds spice to her stay, however she soon realises that not everyone can be trusted. Will the complexities of a small town and new school send her home sooner than she anticipated or will she discover a reason to stay? 

The Green Place by Louise Forster Magic can happen anywhere but in this small country town, it’s extra special.

International journalist Grace Taylor has in the past handled many dangerous assignments and is ready for any situation. Joe Mathews has a passion for sustainable farming. How can two such diverse people get on? And why does writing a feature on a reluctant Aussie farmer have her questioning her very future? He wants nothing to do with being a feature in a women’s magazine that his sister arranged, with her parting words, ‘it’s time.’ He and his nine-year-old son have been on their own for two years, and happily so. Is he ready to deal with the reaction they both have when Grace blows into their home and community? 

Love in Between by Leanne Lovegrove 

Finding community, and love, in the most unexpected place. 
Caleb Stirling has never had it easy, but he’s worked hard and is a stellar chef of his own five-star restaurant in Sydney. Over one fateful week his world crumbles around him and he finds himself in an outback country town where everything he’s ever known is threatened. Bridie Finch is the lifeblood of Bellethorpe. Need something done? Give it to Bridie. She’s so busy looking after the community, her father and their strawberry farm, she fails to care for herself. Now, Caleb must care for his orphaned niece. But Bridie needs a chef for the annual Bastille Day Festival and, unwillingly, he lands the role. But there’s no place to hide in town and soon the locals discover who he really is. Instead of rejecting him, they rally with support and quickly both Bellethorpe and Bridie get under his skin. 
A sweet small-town story of community, being accepted and finding love in the most unexpected of places. 

Meggie & Max by Susan Mackie He’s the new Vet with something to hide. She’s got a wedding to organise.

Meggie’s in Barrington for her brother’s wedding, local Vet Angus Hamilton. After working overseas for years, she hasn’t told her family she’s not going back. And she hasn’t told them why. Max is the Locum Vet hired to help out in the lead up to the wedding and during the honeymoon. But he doesn’t arrive alone. They each need to move on from their past. When their secrets are revealed, will it empower them, or tear them apart? 

The Song by Emma Powell Tina Lombardi is a star. But something is missing.

After winning Sing to Win Tina became an overnight homegrown Aussie sensation. Running away to the US after a very public meltdown she built a career there. But something is missing. When she returns to Australia to judge on the same show she realised what that was. Connection. Not just to home but to another person’s heart. When she meets Clay, the local singing farmer and his equally talented daughter the connection is strong. But will she end up choosing stardom over her own heart?

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