death at dusbar

The A Story of Antyfas series is written for (and approved by) middle-grade children. In the world of Antyfas, you may find an invisible monkey on one page or a baking orc on another! 

Inspired by all the ridiculous, frightening, wonderful, and adorable things she has discovered during her time on Earth, Laura DiNovis Berry writes what she hopes will be wonderful things for others to discover.

And in the magical world of Antyfas, there is plenty for young readers to discover! Unusual spells that can summon apple juice and turn all your clothes into tie-dye along with delightful characters like the haughty frog, and Bolly-Bol, are abundant in settings like Dusbar College or the Nastgant Swamp. 

Cracking upon the cover of one of Berry’s books means falling head first into strange and exciting stories like Death at Dusbar College.

In this engaging story, young Cristiano gets to visit his aunt, a professional at the illustrious Dusbar College where all the great magicians study, but while he’s there, the Grand Magician puts forth a challenging riddle. Everyone at the college is encouraged to solve this riddle to win a truly wonderful prize. Will Cristiano be any match for a school full of magicians? You’ll have to read along to find out!

First, in the silly and engaging A Story of Antyfas series, Death at Dusbar College is a great middle school fantasy that is sure to give your little reader a strong case of the giggles. Death at Dusbar College is published through Indies United Publishing House and is available as an e-book, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook.

If you want to learn more about the fantastical world that Berry has created, you can listen to a short story of Antyfas, The Aria of Death online at

In this tale, the titular character, baby Aria, faces a monster that threatens to interrupt her feeding time — permanently!

Join Cristiano, Aria, and the rest of the children of Antyfas as they take on all manner of adventures, both big and small.

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Book Blurb: Welcome to the world of Antyfas where invisible monkeys play and dragons fly! Cristiano has just turned eleven, and his aunt has invited him to visit her at the magical Dusbar College. Wondrous acts of magic and fantastical beasts await him, but can he solve the Grand Magician’s riddle?


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