en route a memoir about traveling in a campervan

EN ROUTE: The Best Is Yet To Be by Elora Canne

EN ROUTE covers the challenges and elations of travelling in a campervan, fighting off cabin

fever and coyote’s and peeling away relationship detritus as Elora and her husband travel the 


A sizeable segment of their travels included family and friends which came with its own humour

of entanglement and unexpected train rides. Included are the growing pains endured along the

way as Elora discusses her angst in coping with what should be a memorable adventure.

EN ROUTE spans a period of about 10 years, beginning with immigration trials and

tribulations from South Africa to Australia with two teenage boys. New discoveries emerge

about each other whilst the family adapts to their new surroundings.

Part of Elora’s learning curve was discovering how to live with herself and the decisions she has

made as she navigates the challenges of her marital rifts. Elora covers revealing nuances about

her and her husband, James, committing themselves to each other despite their, sometimes,

apparent distaste for each other.

Other relationships that were cemented through their travels were with Elora’s mum and sister as 

they re-learnt to simply be together in trying times. The infamous in-law relationship is also

tentatively touched upon.

The sudden loss of Elora’s dad plays a poignant role in how she managed to cope with the

impact of his death on her psyche.

As she reflects on the transience of love in all its forms, Elora’s self-empowerment grows into 

finding peace; finding voice and mightily so.

Their travels crossed the lands of South Africa, America, Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Asia

and, of course, Australia. Included in these tales are stories of crime, love, loss, pets, friends,

tourist highlights and treasure troves of magick.

Sometimes sombre; sometimes humorous; always enlightening.

En route suggests on the way and the sub-title suggests the thrill of hope and pleasure and better 

things to come. What do I mean by that? Change does not only occur outwardly as time evolves 

our circumstances but also inwardly, in a way that is not openly shown.

This unravelling is a magical mix of discovering past heritage and losing yourself in the imagination 

of yesteryear and folklore. A travel memoir that intertwines humour, quirky facts and the 

treasures in each of our relationships across all whom we encounter on our trip around the sun. A 

gap year that will have you packing your bags and leaving on the next flight into the 


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