365 days of gutsy women

365 Days of Gutsy Women reveals hidden stories of fearless females from the beginning of time. Traditionally women were kept out of history books or simply forgotten in our patriarchal culture.

This book provides a daily glimpse into the lives of courageous women who have gone before us. You will discover their stories, one for each day of the year. On Wednesday, you may learn about Mary Anning, a British fossil collector who discovered dinosaurs.  On Friday, read about Queen Nanny of the Maroons, an 18th century African who successfully freed more than 1000 slaves on the island of Jamaica. Sunday you may read about the Hindu Goddess Parvati, known as “Mother Goddess” representing a universal source of energy and power.

Throughout the book, you’ll read of artists, musicians, educators, philosophers, rebels, authors, poets and innovators who fought gender, racial and religious bias.

Duffy’s Thoughts on 365 Days Of Gutsy Women

I loved this book! Not only is it a larger coffee table size, it’s full of gutsy women that I hadn’t heard of before, but yet were inspiring to read nonetheless.

Each page is dedicated to a notable woman in history, one that fought the patriarchy, ruled empires, made discoveries, used science and technology to better the world, or simply was a total badass! I love the quotes at the top of each page and the ‘did you know?’ at the bottom which shares important notes and facts that are easy to read and to remember.

365 Days of Gutsy Women should be on every young person’s bookshelf, male or female, these stories are empowering, interesting, and can only inspire a thirst for knowledge and history in anyone who picks up this book. If I had one tiny gripe, it would be the lack of illustrations of the women. I found myself putting down the book and Googling various gutsy women to get a sense of what they looked like.

Overall, a fantastic and inspiring book that will be picked up and thumbed through by anyone who chances across it!

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