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Some mountains we face in life are outside of us, towering before us like seemingly impassible roadblocks, yet some mountains are also inside of us. This book is about embracing and working through the challenges within ourselves to move towards a state of psychological wellbeing.

Speaker, author and mountaineer Alan Mallory, who set a world record scaling Mount Everest in 2008 with three other members of his immediate family, also faced an inner “Everest” in his younger years. When he was in high school, Alan developed a severe social phobia and anxiety disorder known as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). He spent a good portion of his life studying the human mind as well as learning and developing strategies for overcoming his inner challenges. Developing practical psychological solutions became a passion for Alan, eventually leading to him pursuing and masters degree in psychology, and he works with many groups as a catalyst in helping people improve their own mental health.

Alan’s new book is designed to be an actionable resource for anyone who wants to make incremental improvements in life. Through personal anecdotes and psychological techniques, Alan guides readers through seven summits of inner growth. It was through a holistic approach that Alan achieved psychological wellbeing in his own life and he is a firm believer that there is no quick fix to such inner challenges. Reaching the summit is achieved through many small and purposeful steps, and this book helps readers to develop a roadmap for their own lives.  

If you are interested in making positive changes in your life, take the first step and get yourself a copy of Summits of Self: The Seven Peaks of Personal Growth by Alan Mallory. You can also find out about Alan’s speaking programs and life adventures at

Author – Alan Mallory

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