The Daddy Chronicles book review

Jayne Martin’s forthcoming memoir in flash The Daddy Chronicles releases on 3/15 with Whisk(e)y Tit Press. It may be short but it certainly serves up its share of gut punches in unique micro-memories of what it was like growing up without a father figure.

Did you know that one out of three women in the U.S. identify as fatherless? An absent father who occasionally appears to bestow his affections only to disappear again leads a daughter to seek out others like him – men who are charismatic, but emotionally unavailable – throughout her lifetime. 

In this emotionally-charged memoir written in cinematic vignettes, Jayne Martin fearlessly bares the parts of her that were broken when her father left the family upon her birth and, in doing so, leads the reader on their own journey toward wholeness and healing. Whether you are a fatherless daughter or are someone who loves one, “The Daddy Chronicles” will tear at your heart and open a world of understanding.  

It’s received some amazing support so far, with blurbs from Gabrielle Stone, author of “Eat, Pray, #FML”, and Jeannine Ouellette, author, The Part That Burns. 

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