tears of a clown domestic violence memoir

The proceeds from Tears Of A Clown book purchases will help Leena to rebuild her life and that of her children

Leena Derham’s family unit as a child was far from ideal, and her dream was to create and build a happy, loving and secure family.

In her 30s, Leena met Tom on a dating website. He ticked all her boxes. Fast forward twelve months and Tom and Leena are living together. But Leena keeps noticing red flags. She ignores them, making excuses and thinking she is imagining the contradictions, lies and violence.

Two years later, Leena becomes pregnant and dreams of the classic happy ending. But dark clouds are gathering. Lately, Tom’s violence has soared. Leena realises she ignored the red flags for too long and now finds herself trapped by a gaslighter who abuses her physically and mentally.
Just as Leena settles on her exit strategy, Tom does the unthinkable. Why didn’t Leena leave? Why couldn’t Leena leave?

Part memoir, part self-help, Tears of a Clown has lessons for us all, whether we are a victim of domestic violence or someone who can recognise the signs and report the abuse.

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