the fast 800 keto book review

From the multi-million-copy bestselling author Dr Michael Mosley comes the ground-breaking The Fast 800 Keto, a dynamic new weight-loss programme that combines a keto diet with low-calorie intermittent fasting.

A keto diet – where you flip your metabolic switch, going from burning sugar to burning fat for fuel – leads to significant weight loss and other potential health benefits. But one of the challenges of a standard low-carb, high-fat keto diet is that it can be hard to stick to.

Dr Michael Mosley’s Fast 800 Keto is more effective than a conventional keto regime, and healthier and more sustainable. The secret to this accessible new approach is that it combines keto with intermittent fasting, which means you go into ketosis faster, while also being able to enjoy delicious Mediterranean-style food.

Based on the latest dietary science, this book presents a simple, practical, highly flexible three-step programme to ensure you lose weight rapidly and safely, while preserving your metabolic rate. It includes protein-rich, low-carb recipes and easy-to-follow menus from bestselling author Dr Clare Bailey, and all the other life-changing tools you need to shift stubborn fat and transform your health for good. 

Duffy’s Thoughts on The Fast 800 Keto

I’m never one for fad diets or ones that restrict food groups. It’s just not me. That’s probably why I’m a little curvier and softer in the middle than I should be. However, I do try and exercise when I can and I’m always looking to eat a little healthier and of course, lose a little weight.

The Fast 800 Keto was a quick read for me. I personally didn’t buy into it all and didn’t suddenly find a groundbreaking way to live and lose weight in a heartbeat. What I did find though, were little reminders of what I know I should be doing. Low carb, non-processed, high protein with a little intermittent fasting thrown in.

I did have a huge problem with recipes printed in the back of a paperback book. Recipes should always be on white glossy paper with pretty images to entice you to cook and create. I glanced at a few, but it’s just not the inspiring medium for recipes and you will not change my mind.

Maybe I would have enjoyed and got a little more out of The Fast 800 Keto if the book itself was printed differently. Either way, I did end up ordering healthy non-processed groceries for the month, and I will be adopting some elements of the keto diet. I just won’t be drinking the Kool-Aid.

The Fast 800 Keto published by Hachette and available at all good bookstores