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Step Into You is the ultimate life guide for any woman lacking motivation or feeling overwhelmed, Step Into You will leave you recharged, re-focused and ready to stride into your best future. 

Are you lacking motivation or feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or not sure where you want life to take you next? Are you feeling like a ‘low res’ version of yourself, having focused all your energy on your career, your family or your community? If you answered ‘yes’, it’s time to re-set. 

In Step Into You, entrepreneur and mentor Lorraine Murphy shares her best advice on how to re-focus on you and your personal version of success. She presents essential tips, advice and hacks that have transformed her own life, as well as real, raw and relatable examples from other busy women. Covering everything from growing a healthy mindset, getting shit done, developing your unique vision and goals, putting self-care first, progressing your career, managing your relationships and getting to grips with parenting, you’ll feel like you’ve had a one-on-one mentoring session with Lorraine and will be recharged and ready to step into your best life.

Duffy’s Thoughts On Step Into You

January seems to be the time that everyone starts down the self-improvement route, but is there just too much pressure to achieve your goals and meet the plans? Why do we set ourselves up for so much pressure in January?

Step Into You isn’t just a self-help book to get you re-focused. It specifically speaks to females with a strong focus on those feelings of overwhelm and burnout, which many of us have had to deal with over the past couple of years. For myself, I’ve had periods where I felt like I was treading water, or stuck in treacle. Unable to move forward and get my energy and focus back to where it was, or even what to focus on. So, any book, tools or resources which are out there to help tackle this, well I’m down for reading.


This is one of many ‘A-Ha’ moments in this book. I feel like I’ve worked so hard the past couple of years and had added layers of anxiety, worry and stress being parted from my family for two years due to COVID. There have been other obstacles along the way and I haven’t had a proper holiday or break. How am I expected to be energised and focused when there has been no downtime and very little RnR since 2019.

Step Into You has great summaries at the end of each chapter to reinforce key points and some exercises to not only keep you engaged in the book but to reflect on your own status and work out what you need to get back on track.


Don’t set huge goals, just start small and pick tiny things to motivate your day. This reminded me of Atomic Habits, and I realised I had let this mindset slip. To help me with my tiny goals I was recommended a snazzy little App called Fabulous, so I get notifications on my phone to remind me to action my tiny goals and when I complete a few on the trot, it really does kick start some positive changes.

There is also some sound financial advice to be found in Step Into You along with understanding when to tap into your male and feminine energy (yes, we have both!)

I was pleasantly surprised by Step Into You, so if you are a female suffering from burnout, low energy and lacking focus, you might just want to give it a read!

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Published by Hachette and available from Booktopia and all good bookstores